Not my way..

Things happen in life beyond our control like growing up, relationships, being an adult, reproduction, etc. Though things get had, it is never okay to be bitter. When I say this, I mean “So what you can’t do this, lemme be better.” Now me personally, I’ve risen above almost every bad situation in life positively. Though I have a disability, I don’t sit on my ass all day. I still find a way in being productive and a positive influence on somebody’s day. The way you handle the things shouldn’t matter so much as long as it’s not excessively bad or harmful to your life.

I’m getting tired of people down talking cannabis. Maybe the things we don’t understand within each other, the herb understands. Has weed killed anyone? In fact, it is good for calming the body down, and believe it or not cancer, and certain parts of the head. See everybody don’t handle things the same way and just because you’re in one predicament doesn’t mean in any way you can understand the next person’s, and it doesn’t make you better in life because you have certain things. Yes, it takes for things to happen in life for us to realize, but we all ain’t in the same boat, we all don’t have the same issues, you’ll never understand someone’s stance in something unless you are walking in their shoes.

I speak this just because we can’t do certain things, or don’t do it, doesn’t mean we should be bitter towards the next person for doing so. You don’t know their full story, and for once in a while, it isn’t all about you. Just because you’re down, the next person shouldn’t have to be. Be the reason someone smiles today, have you thought of that? What’s the last positive thing you’ve said to someone? It’s the little things that matter the most.


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