DOG! (literally)

You know, as I walk through the streets each day and see people walking their dogs, I think to myself of how great animals actually are. We don’t pay attention to the fact that dogs, and animals alone are just like us, they have feelings too. Now, the best part about dogs is not only are they your best friend, but a great watch for anything. Before I can even get to my front step, I hear my dog barking.

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, and that’s definitely a fact. Soon as my uncle leaves for work, he’s whimpering up a storm, or in need to be close to someone. I was sleep one day, I mean a good ol’ sleep and rolled over. All I felt was squirming and I could hear a silent cry, do y’all know I accidentally rolled over on him? I’ve looked back upon this “Dog being a man’s bestfriend thing,” and I’ve thought about it. I had a friend who barely talked or expressed himself, but when my dog was around, he was like my friend’s son. He would beat me to feeding him and taking him outside, LOL. Now my uncle? Boy oh boy, his dog sleeps in his bed, he stands at the door as he uses the bathroom, and thinks about my Uncle’s next move before he does, LOL. Sheesh.

Growing up, I used to be scared of dogs, but it’s all about what you raise them to be. I was scared of just about any animal, but I started slowly easing up. I went and pet a horse this summer (my phone died during the picture), and was shaking. I said I was going back to ride one and never made it. Surely was a blessing though, you only live once. When I first came in contact with a dog, I screamed so loud the whole New York heard me and it was just a little yorkie (which I have now). I’m still gonna ask “Does he/she bite” if I come to your house.

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