Consistency in anything you do is always necessary. You want to get a raise in your job? You must work hard and show that you are capable of receiving such. You want to become famous? You must show you want to get to where ever it is that you are trying to get to. Consistency is needed everywhere around us, and we sometimes tend to lack off or don’t take it seriously and then wonder why things go wrong.

In working, especially with a hobby, it is VERY important to be consistent in what you’re doing. If you are an artist, model, writer, etc, you must keep your artist attracted. It’s always good to show one another support, or to be there for one another at events, its great positivity, another form of being consistent.

People often fault others for not attending Church each Sunday, but as long as your relationship with God is consistent, shouldn’t nobody be able to tell you anything, it’s between you and God. There are different ways of being in connection with God, by doing good deeds and staying in connection with the bible. We all was raised to believe in God in some form of way.

Consistency comes within relationships  and any form of teamwork as well. If you want the relationship/teamwork to work it’s a 50/50, 25/25/50 thing or whatever the heck ya’ll doing these days. Each person must put in the necessary work to keep one another happy. If you feel something is wrong either discuss the issues to become better, or do what you gotta do to make yourself better. We’re old enough to know what we wanna do, if it’s not something you like, make it better by any means necessary even if that means leaving.

( Jessica Hunter )


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