Beauty is Beauty.

When I’m out, all I hear is “That cut fit you so well,” I didn’t know a hair style had to fit everyone. Though I see where people are coming from, beauty is beauty. It comes in all shapes and sizes. I love natural beauty the most because it’s who you are, nothing added to make you look different from who you are as a person. The way we word things to one another can sometimes seem wrong, the way we stereotype one another is completely wrong.

I often see people try to separate the terms “Thick” and “Fat”. First off no one should be called “Fat”, Like Mo’Nique said in the movie “Phat Girlz”, the term “Fat” or “Phat” as she used it, means Pretty, Hot, And, Thick. I loved the use of that term, for once, people were able to feel good about themselves in a way that nobody could steal their joy. It gave people pride and belief within themselves and self-esteem. People don’t think about how something so small can affect anything.

I’m often categorized by my weight as well, yeah I’m skinny, but I’ll eat you out of a house and home. It used to phase me when people mentioned my weight, but you don’t what happened to me for me to get in this position. I’ll tell you what though, the way I feel about me, I love me more than I do anybody else first of all. Second, weight doesn’t mean a damn thing, you’ll still fall in love with me, my personality, and beauty.


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