Getting Fit With Glenn Benson

Everysince I’ve known Glenn, he was always the push harder type, literally. I mean add more weights, I mean run faster, I mean working out the whole body push harder type. There was never a time when you didn’t see him in ANY sport during school, Glenn could tell his own coach the smarter move to make, or what to work out on each day, that’s how ambitious he was about health and fitness. We all knew Glenn was gonna have dealings with sports and fitness all his life.

Glenn: “Coach call this play, lemme get this tackle real quick. Coach: “How did you know I was about to do that?”
It’s almost that Defensive player of the week reminder. 11 tackles, 2 forced fumbles, and 1 pass break up, oooh kill ’em

Graduating from Gettysburg College with a Bachelors in Political Science as Gettysburg’s 4 year varsity-letter player, Glenn hasn’t stopped there. As an ambassador for Kora Fitness, with clientele via Instagram, in and out of the gym, Glenn is now working on receiving that personal training certification which should be here like tomorrow, because the way his workout and diet plan is set up, you’d probably succeed your goal within two weeks. He has a workout for every part of the body as well as somethings you should and should not eat which he shares via Instagram. If I give you guys a sneak peek of his work, make sure when shopping with Kora Fitness, you use the code “Glenn15” to save 15% on your shopping.


( Jessica Hunter )

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