It’s the hands you feed that do it the most. People will really steal your stuff and help you look for it. People will steal your joy and help you look for it. I’ve witnessed someone’s things come up missing and seen the person who seen it actually go crazy helping the person who lost it search for it.

Ever heard of someone tryna steal your joy with negativity and rumors? Pretty sure we all have had an incident of that or something similar. I always imply that there is more to life than sadness, things we haven’t seen, things we haven’t done, and you’re worried about what somebody else thinks about you? For what? Tomorrow is never promised, an argument, or “beef” is never necessary. Why bash someone else in because they have a certain predicament going on? You don’t know how they got there or the real story. This is where we become selfish with our feelings and hearts.

Ever heard of someone tryna steal your joy through work? Because they think they do something better that you or even getting fired? The current job is not the only job you’ll encounter. You’ll encounter different jobs learning different things like how to type, how to write lyrically, how to construct, how to take care of kids. These things will have an impact on your life, something productive. There is more to the world than just one thing, and when you rise above the bottom, or those who “stole your joy,” it’s silently a great feeling.

Ever been bullied before and then when the bully is confronted, they deny it? Ever been bullied before or talked about rather, and you let that get you down? Stealing your joy. Why? You are the most precious thing on earth regardless of how you look, walk, and talk. Nobody ever looks at the thought of “stealing” from different aspects. Why people do it? Everyone has their own explanation, but it shouldn’t be done.

( Jessica Hunter )

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