Relationships with an Ex.

Relationships with your ex are in Today’s world is considered disrespectful which is pretty much understandable. You didn’t have much to say then so what do you have to say now? Agreed. But at some point you put the past behind one another and do what they call “forgive”. Not only forgiving yourself, but forgiving the past, and that person. I’M NOT SAYING YEAH WE EXES COME ON LET’S BE COOL EVERYDAY AND CHILL, I’m saying respect, let’s not dish each other out via social media or have hatred for the things that one another faulted from.”With pain comes strength.”

As I said I’m not encouraging being best buds with an ex, me personally, I feel it’s disrespectful to contact an ex during a relationship, and it’s disrespectful for an ex to disrespect your partner. Contacting an ex is disrespectful alone. It’s kind of a contradicting subject when the shoe is on your foot and you know you’re doing no wrong, especially if it’s a good cause. For example, during the progression of my work, often times an ex may congratulate me. It’s called maturity, now when their doing it to be funny (which I haven’t encountered), it’s a different story.

Now never do I down talk an Ex, but I’m thankful to be as mature as I am. A lot of times relationships that just “ended,” with nothing had no closure, and sometimes closure doesn’t happen right then and there. It could take weeks, months, years. But I also feel it’s important that if you come in contact with an ex, and you’re in a relationship, you partner should be fully aware of what’s going on, how would you feel if that was you?

( Jessica Hunter )

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