Ladies can we talk?

From the beginning of meeting the staff of Plainfield’s Iris House, I fell in love. They were so open and welcoming as a team. In noticing that they are in more than one location at any needed time, I found that completely amazing, aside from the FREE HIV/AIDS testing and condoms. So welcoming, I had to make sure such a welcoming place was known with all the STD’s going around these days. I got to know the location and a bit about what they do, and now I’m deeply interested in the group conversations that go on. October 18th, I will be attending The Iris House’s very own African-American “Ladies Can We Talk.”img_3433

See what I love about this event, is that it brings females together who may be going through the same thing, yet scared to open up or don’t have anyone to open up to. Come learn about relationships and protection, come enjoy yourselves. (Ages 18-29).”It starts with me.” All it takes is for one person to lead, and the next person to be their own leader.


( Jessica Hunter )

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