After A LONG week.

After a long week of positivity, events, and haircuts, I was finally able to show you what’s been going on in the process of me getting ready. Out of respect for the events and things that I associate myself with, I do not video some things. This week I got my haircut by Chinstar, and worked with The Iris House, and then I was able to have a bit of me time. I’ve told ya’ll before about Chinstar. 1st visit, I feel in love with my cut. Second Visit, my girl Marv and I were linking up that day, and she called me “Mindin’ her business chillin’“( NO FEELINGZ) in his chair, and my boy was in the camera talking business. So I slid thru for another visit. And along came a third visit, you’ve seen the design in the back of my head.



In this Vlog available via Youtube “literaturebyjessc“, you will find weekly experiences and performances by me and others. I tend to use music in my background as something to keep the Vlog going. Starring in this Vlog along with Gyptian-Let Dem Een, is my boy Comma GzMisfire, (CLICK NAME FOR IG, AND “MISFIRE” TO HEAR SONG). I know y’all remember that Blog I did a few days back where I told ya’ll I was able to really feel that song, situation, and beat. (View blog here) Anyways, I could go on and on, but check the vlog out HERE!

( Jessica Hunter )

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