Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Women are one of the most powerful Human Beings on Earth. The ability to reproduce and create another soul is absolutely amazing. With that being said, a Woman’s body is a blessing because of its beauty and qualities. Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ladies! It’s always great to keep up with your body physically and when I say that, I mean get checked out! Somethings we don’t notice with the changes of our bodies allowing us to think it’s apart of age. To anyone who has lost a family member or friend due to Breast Cancer, or knows anyone battling it, I am so sorry, it’ll get better.

America pays attention to the wrong things sometimes like not acknowledging the fact that we are each useful and special in our own way. Too often we over look the main causes of sickness that can be cured better. America has got to do better. There is a way, there is a how, there is a GOD. Pray on it.

In cases of cancer like breast cancer you tend to loose your hair and some other features. As a woman, you STILL are beautiful inside and out, and there are people who care and support your situation. Not a lot of people notice that, I care.

( Jessica Hunter )

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