Physical Abuse

Scrolling down my timeline the other day and the I came across a good topic. The abuse of women in relationships via Haddi. She spoke upon the thought and I agreed. (View video below.)

Men beating on women is often overlooked. Physical abuse is NEVER okay during a relationship. If you are going through something seek help. I understand relationships get hard, but if you feel things aren’t working out, than you either need to help yourself, or fix and/or leave the situation. How do you feel okay to overpower a woman, someone who is able to give birth to a man, what if that was your child or your mom? Abusing the one you love and then trying to through cover ups and apologies is not okay. There is obviously something you’re abusing within yourself. You have to work on and love yourself before loving someone else.

As a woman, if you feel that you are being abused, you NEED TO SEEK HELP. Irregardless of the fact that he loves you. Love is a word, a feeling, but your life means more than anything. It’s sad to see situations like that, talk to someone in your healing process, there are others who care.

( Jessica Hunter )

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