Swavvy Dom, I FELT That

This world is known for stereotyping males to rap, and females to sing, but who says females can’t rap too? Any time Haji put something in my ears, you KNOW I’m listening. This time she put Swavvy Dom in my ears and OHMYGOD, at the time I was listening to her music, I felt as if I was her, as if I was in the video myself. What I love most about this song and video is not only the fact that she’s enforcing her words to make you feel what she’s talking about, but she kept going with a video for you to see her and her supporters. This ain’t her first time being heard, but I think YOU should hear her HERE.

Everybody’s got a story to tell, where we came from, and how far we made it. Swavvy Dom coming straight outta Newark started recording at age 5 with the mic hooked up to the turn tables, hey it’s something. We all start from something, that’s a great start if you ask me, believing in yourself, and that’s what she did. We need more female rappers who believe in themselves. I’m plenty sure there are a lot more female raappers out there. Just as we can sing, we can rap, and you’ll feel the words just as hard as you feel it if we were to sing. I’m loving all this energy, everybody believing themselves, well believe in Changes by Swavvy Dom, believe in hearing it on the radio, believe in seeing her on a stage near you. Hard work pays off, I got front row tickets ( CALLED IT ) , LOL. Big S/O to Haji for sending the blessings to my ears.

( Jessica Hunter )

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