Studio w/ Marv.

So y’all know Marv, the one who sings one of my favorite parts in her song “No Feelingz” right? “No we ain’t together, mind ya business, we just chillin'”. We’ll she’s back with another one, which might be even better. I had the blessing of being in the studio with Marv, and pushing her forward from one artist to another. In order to sing, you can’t just hop up there and do it. You gotta feel that energy of whatever it is your writing about in front of that mic or that crowd, and that’s exactly what we were talking about.

Not each studio session is as successful as you want it to be because you have to work to get to that point, and whether she believes it or not, she worked HARD. I was in the booth jammin’ wit her and singing along with her as she created the lyrics. You don’t need support in the things you like to do, it’s just nice to have people around for other opinions and vibes. She’s such a hard worker and pusher towards her next mix for ya that she even calls me up at work with ideas and I love it because it’s lovely to see someone go so hard, it’s lovely to be apart of it.

In order to do these things, you have to take it seriously and believe in yourself, something we all learn to do as we get better at what we do, look at how much she enjoys what she does, it’s so amazing.

( Jessica Hunter )

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