Been M.I.A

I’m Backkkkkk! And boy have I got some talent, positivity, and poetry for you guys! It’s normal for me to disappear for a while because I’m experiencing new things and enjoying life so I can give you guys the key and courage to do so yourselves. So we can talk about some of the things I tell you, or you see via my social media and Youtube channel. I LOVE THE SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK !! I cannot wait to sit and share these thoughts with you guys.

While writing this, I was literally on the way back to Jersey, so forgive me, but I hope you guys have all been remaining positive and experiencing those talents/topics I’ve discussed like Comma Gz, Bubsy Millions, Glenn Benson, Chinstar, and Swavvy Dom to say the least. (Click link for attachments)

Within the next few days, I’d like to release a few hidden things to make sure my readers know I am still here as being “Literaturebyjessc”, which comes with a reputation to keep up with. I’d like to give much thanks to those who believe in me and have continued doing so, and extended prayers to those who don’t.

( Jessica Hunter )

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