Independency Vs Needing Help

People grow with the mindset of “I can do anything and don’t need nobody.” That’s fine to think that way, but not when you were eating off of somebody else’s plate, or forgot who was eating with you when you had no plates that’s where we become selfish. It’s so ironic because the people we choose to hang around today could be the same people trying to eat off your plate when you weren’t looking, I’ve seen it happen. Gotta watch your back and your left and right. I’m not saying to not have friends or family, but know the difference between who is helping you, and who just tryna eat off you.

This generation is so worried about the wrong things like what the next person thinks, once you learn to accept that somethings and some people you don’t need, you’ll be absolutely fine, in fact, that’s the time you find yourself and be an adult. But don’t think being an Adult is easy, and don’t think it’s all fun and games neither, just saying.

(Jessica Hunter)

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