We don’t quit, especially not for Joanne Hollis, our black diamonds kept on pushing. Just because seasons changed and schools back doesn’t mean anything, they still want to keep their community. In order to show somebody greatness, sometimes you have to lead and that’s exactly what Altariq did with his group even if he had to use his own money, which he did. See Plainfield isn’t too much focused on the right things, at the end of the day there are still children around irregardless to anybody’s situation. Instead we are constantly saying FREE “_” and R.I.P “_”. How about congrats to JHBD for taking that “L like a Win on Friday,” As Altariq described it with so much ambition. Believe in our kids!!

During the earlier part of last week, JHBD had been going around getting signatures and authorizations as part of their acceptance to work in and around the community. Now what teen would have thought of something so amazing? Maybe yours, but this is Tac son we talking bout. Altariq has spoken with community workers and the Mayor of Plainfield determination to keep his group and other groups going, with A LOT of support, and guess what’s coming up next? I said GUESS! Video vlog coming soon!

( Jessica Hunter )

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