Messy weather and Blessings.

Daily morning trips to the store and Coffee, gotta have my coffee each morning! I crossed the highway at the right time, but apparently it was the wrong time. A car lost control of the wheel and spun around towards traffic instead of going along with it. Still astonished, I sat until I heard a horn toot at me. Driving in the rain is no joke without the proper tires and wheel alignments. You guys think it’s all fun and games to be speeding because you have a great engine, nah.

After gathering myself together, I walked over to the young lady and asked her if she was okay, and sent her blessings. Anything could’ve happened, and we thank God that she is here and okay today. As she thanked me, I felt so warm, you know it’s always a nice feeling knowing you did a good deed for someone.

( Continuation ) 11/6/2018

Yesterday things were just happening that made me stop and look like yo wtf is going on. More accidents that didn’t involve me and thank God everyone is safe, but things that wake me up, for what reason I have no idea, but someone is definitely sending me a sign of something I do believe.

( Jessica Hunter )

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