How Yesterday Started..

With a couple of events/things to get done, and an expired ID, what was I gonna do, stand at the front door? Everybody still thinks I look young which is perfectly fine with me, but I’m ready to be legal again, lol. So I went to the DMV, all excited cuz I was about to get that out the way, and would’ve been the first person in line. Until.. I looked up and noticed a sign on the door acknowledging the fact that they were closed due to the observance of Veterans Day.

So I was standing outside upset asf for a minute and then I went on about my day. Getting things together all day and making sure my to-do list/calendar was complete was such a stress. I’d do anything to be a kid again another day, LOL, but I love what I do, I love the vibes given to “literaturebyjessc” because in my eyes her and “Jessica” are two different people. It’s so much preparation in life in my eyes, I always wanna be two steps ahead, just in case, and so here I go, with a calendar so full I can’t even use the toilet. Positive vibes and blessings to y’all. This wasn’t even supposed to be this, I just moved forward and progressed. To everyone I keep pushing, I’m pushing for a reason. Hard work pays off, clearly. I bet you Imma have my ID today, which is needed for tomorrow.

( Jessica Hunter )

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