World Aids Day FT. The Iris House

As we know, safe sex is great sex, and should always stay protected. STDS are up in the air, and at a high point around us. They just don’t come from under them sheets, you can receive it orally as well. I constantly acknowledge the fact that safe sex is great sex, not just for World Aids Day, but for your safety and protection too. When you notice something isn’t right, GO GET CHECKED, THE IRIS HOUSE DOES IT FOR FREE! Located in different locations such as 630 East Front St, Plainfield, NJ, they will also be attending World Aids Day on Dec.1st in Elizabeth.

The Iris House as a team are so welcoming and open to helping others that ALL BUSINESS REMAINS CONFIDENTIAL. So, don’t be scared, bring your partner too. You can come down to the Iris House M-F 10AM-4:30PM and grab yourself a few condoms or 20, and even get tested there. What’s great about this month as of Nov.5th, you will receive a Shoprite gift card along with a thanksgiving grocery bag. How caring and sweet?! Have some fun with us on World Aids Day, where there will be the walk, raffles, counseling services and much more. Address: 80 west Grand Street, Elizabeth, NJ, 07202. See you there?

I was doing some riding around yesterday and caught the Iris House in action, so caring and considerate. I cannot stress enough that we all should USE CONDOMS, they’re free, how are you missing anything?

( Jessica Hunter )

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