In Yo Mind (11/26)

Today was a messy day for me all over, I was trying to carry too much on my plate, but I ate, and I ate good. Now as it rained today, I thought to myself about how people associate rain with what goes on with us in real life. I’ve heard some associate a bad day with rain, and in the back of your head it’s like what the heck does rain got to do with what you got going on in your life? Your man would’ve still cheated, you would’ve still had a lot of work, or whatever else goes on in life would’ve still happened to you irregardless of the weather just on a different day or way.

I don’t know, we each got our own opinions because I always associate rain with the good believe it or not. Although we loose loved ones in life, ever notice how after their going away memorial, it rains? Sometimes after the person has passed it rains. During those times, I look at rain as a crossover into the next life, he or she has made it. We each have our own beliefs, but I try to remain positive, plus as a young child not understanding the concept of life, I was taught that rain was my angel who had crossed over.

Now walking home the other day with a friend, for the most part, my bones are completely normal. Yet, I’ve noticed that when rain is in the forecast, my lower back hurts. Hasn’t something similar happened to you? On the day of the rain, woah does my back hurt, but that rain fall against the trees is such a peaceful sound in a nice dark setting, in my bed, lol. So the idea of what rain has to do with our lives is very contradictory, but these things do make sense, sometimes.

( Jessica Hunter )

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