Being Thankful..


Sometimes people need to hear that they are loved and that they provide some form of happiness to someone. It’s a form of reassurance, allowing one to feel they have purpose on this earth. Therefor, my gift to others is to assure they know that, and my gift to the world is you get to experience different things just as I do. I’m a bit late with this, but on thanksgiving, I did post many people and great experiences I’ve had with them as a sign of thanks.

We shouldn’t just show thanks one day a year, the ability to wake up each morning is a blessing. We should show thanks for that and the daily things we do as well. I always say tomorrow is never promised, and it’s never a “good-bye”, it’s “until next time.” I’m thankful alright, you guys are amazing supporters! It was just a notebook and pen in the beginning, a dollar and a dream, to pushing harder.

During thanksgiving, I’ve seen a lot of giving thanks going on like 2muchsauce. Yeah they’ve got the sauce, and they also gave out some blessings. “It is more blessed to give than receive.” Always in support of doing something positive, combined with Express babysitting, they were able to give away over 200 turkeys in thoughts of others. Our community loves each other and others, I’m telling you!


In light of the cold weather, I was able to assist Thelovemoremvmnt, others, and the community in assuring warmth for others. With a truck full of clothes, Thelovemoremvmnt was able to warm up over 80 families!! What a way to show love and thanks! We can care for one another in the littlest ways and not even notice it!

I really hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday!

( Jessica Hunter )

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