Jersey vs JERSEY đź“Ť

It’s a great vibe when Jersey Club comes together. A lot of Jersey’s beef is deeply within the producers themselves, and I say that because when everyone is together, nothing that was said, agreed with, or argued over via social media is engaged in. If people took the time to focus on the production and... Continue Reading →

Plainfield’s Favorite Cupcake Lady Back At It Again With More Donations.

It's not many who think about others the way you think about yourself. Putting yourself before others and making sure you're straight, Not Ms.Stacey! Well of course she's always straight, but such a caring woman to everyone not just in Livay's " Welcome To The Sweet Shop." Back at it again with another way of... Continue Reading →

What you think?

Now I've always been into dreams and where they come from. I kept dreaming for a while that I am supposed to be saving people from something, yet I can't see what these people needs to be saved from. It's like when I finally get to see, everything becomes a blur or fades and I... Continue Reading →

In Yo Mind (11/26)

Today was a messy day for me all over, I was trying to carry too much on my plate, but I ate, and I ate good. Now as it rained today, I thought to myself about how people associate rain with what goes on with us in real life. I've heard some associate a bad... Continue Reading →

Being Thankful..

Sometimes people need to hear that they are loved and that they provide some form of happiness to someone. It's a form of reassurance, allowing one to feel they have purpose on this earth. Therefor, my gift to others is to assure they know that, and my gift to the world is you get to... Continue Reading →

Independency Vs Needing Help

People grow with the mindset of "I can do anything and don't need nobody." That's fine to think that way, but not when you were eating off of somebody else's plate, or forgot who was eating with you when you had no plates that's where we become selfish. It's so ironic because the people we... Continue Reading →

Physical Abuse

Scrolling down my timeline the other day and the I came across a good topic. The abuse of women in relationships via Haddi. She spoke upon the thought and I agreed. (View video below.) Men beating on women is often overlooked. Physical abuse is NEVER okay during a relationship. If you are going through something... Continue Reading →

Cold days are finally approaching. Keep ya'll germs and all'at to yourself because nobody tryna get sick. This that sweater weather, that "lil boo thang" weather. Kids finally back in school and out the streets! You know what I would do for one more day in high school? Me neither, because it ain't that serious,... Continue Reading →

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