Your Favorite Customer

You ever get so attached to what you do that you just don’t wanna stop doing it? The support for Literaturebyjessc has been absolutely appreciated and amazing. I love the responses and knowing that I’ve had an impact on someone.

Now today before heading out, my friend came on over and we were catching up on life. Ofcourse our old job was gonna come up because that’s how we met, and we started discussing the good times and our favorite customers. It was such a heart warming moment to discuss who used to come in because we knew right off-hand the person, and what they wanted. Unfortunately we have lost a couple of our favorite customers and at that moment it took a toll on us, just reminiscing.

Like being Literaturebyjessc, it feels so great when people acknowledge me for being who that person is. I enjoy pushing people to be more productive in anything they enjoy doing, and I enjoy giving people belief in life. Sometimes people just need to hear that, and believe it or not, that’s how you build connections, relationships, and promotions. When your favorite customer comes back and ask for you, they come back because you do a good job at what you do, and that’s how I feel about writing and blogging. I thank everyone who supports and keeps up with the positivity I dish out. The same energy you dish out is the same energy that is reciprocated.

( Jessica Hunter )

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