Wednesday Wisdom


It’s great to know that you are not the only form of positivity around. Blessed with my mindset and maturity, I came in contact with one of the best motivational speakers himself, Kevin E. Taylor via Instagram. Something I posted where he actually commented with positivity, and I responded with the idea of working with him after checking him out. Oh yeah, I did my research on Youtube, Instagram, His Personal Page, and Twitter and was VERY satisfied.

What caught my eye when viewing Kevin’s page was his ” Wednesday Wisdom”. Each day he posts positive vibes everywhere, but this one Wednesday Wisdom caught my eye. You see I saw he was a great enthusiast, something that I try to be to others, but Kevin said, and I quote ” Maybe you are being watched by somebody who can’t believe how brilliantly you got up.” Let’s not get too personal here, but I’ve seen instances including myself where I’ve thought about giving up, but if you do so, you give failure, and the devil exactly what they wanna see, and that’s why I kept going. So hearing Kevin say that, I FELT IT BIG TIME.

Do you realize that it should not take for something bad to happen to you in order for you to push others forward. We fought so hard for justice with one another just to take it and happiness from each other, why when we can all win? Dealing with epilepsy, I literally fell  into a different person because it just came on out of no where, and learning how to deal with it by myself and around others took time. Sometimes the ones who are supposed to be there and support you the most can’t take it, and they leave, it’s happened in other cases generally speaking. But if I was to fall into a different me, I wouldn’t have such great opportunities ahead of me and great missions already completed.

In encouraging others, I now look up to Kevin, I haven’t gotten the full story of how he became who he is or why he does the things he does, but I’m definitely interested. I’m interested in the mind and where we come from, who and what makes us who we are today. After watching a few of his videos today, I definitely know I’m not alone in wanting to move and push forward others along with me, Kevin, THANK YOU!!


( Jessica Hunter )

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