Staying Dedicated.

As I’ve told you before, you don’t just start working at something and become the best at it. You work and put in as much effort needed to do so. Typically we associate “Being Great,” with something we love doing. People who love to play basketball didn’t just start shooting and they were the best from there. They stuck with a thing called Progression. It’s nice to scroll through my instagram and seeing my friends, supporters, and those I support continuously pushing.

You don’t just say okay because I wrote this one poem, I’m a poet. No you show and emphasize what you mean when releasing these poems to grasp your viewers and readers attention; to make them want more. Before calling yourself a poet, you need to make sure atleast a crowd of people have heard your work and felt your story, and no poetry doesn’t always come from pain, neither does music, art, or any other hobby.

It’s things we like to do, things that keep our mindset at ease, it’s like “While this is going down, everything else means nothing. Whatever I’m feeling, will come out here.” In comparison, well another perfect example besides those of who we’ve been discussing thus far ( Comma Gz ,DJ Lilman , Kevin E. Taylor, DJ Jayhood , etc ) those are men who wake up each day with some form of positivity just as well as Phil ( #2eZ) and have made it this far. When on that court, and off the court, he’s always spreading positivity weither it be that three-pointer he made on you, or that caption he posted with his ig picture. The hashtag ( #2eZ ) alone is a game changer, community vibes, positivity themselves. NBA, I’m waiting for you to sign my boy, I got clips if you need it. 🤔

( Jessica Hunter )

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