What you think?

Now I’ve always been into dreams and where they come from. I kept dreaming for a while that I am supposed to be saving people from something, yet I can’t see what these people needs to be saved from. It’s like when I finally get to see, everything becomes a blur or fades and I wake up or dream into something else. I was already wanting to learn more about dreams anyway, so I finally got to Barnes and Noble and did a little research. I’ve picked up a few dream dictionaries with what one might associate certain dreams with, and I’ve picked up two books on how we dream and how to interpret them.

I was so deeply interested in one of the books “A Little Bit Of Dreams,” by Stase Michaels. The book discussed how we have two parts of us that we often don’t pay attention to. The part of our brain that controls our thoughts about daily life and what we are currently doing connects with another side whose job is to make you think about how you’re gonna go about your next move, and maybe somethings you aren’t over in life. Connecting the two delivers our dreams. Why am I dreaming such things? I still have no idea just yet, I’ve barely had time to think, but I am so deep into the mind, that I’m happy I’ve finally gotten these books. A lot of our actions and abilities are often debatable as to how they happen, so I’m definitely interested in reading up on “sleep walking.” What do you guys think?

( Jessica Hunter )


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