It’s “Phat”.

This world stereotypes one another for everything. How you present yourself shows a lot about yourself, but your weight should have nothing to do with it. I’m used to getting called small, slim, or short, but not everybody wants to hear that all the time. Yeah i’m small, lemme show you how small I am, or how slim I am, make you not have nothing to say anymore. Same thing goes for my thick people especially women. We are often judged by our weight. Let me tell you, as Mo’Nique said, it’s ” Pretty, Hot, And Thick”(Phat). She gave a lot of confidence during that movie, she even gave my little self courage in that movie. But SPEAKING OF “Pretty, Hot, And, Thick”, look here:







I am blessed to have watched these beautiful women turn into who they are today and they do an absolute amazing job at presenting themselves. Nothing stops them from looking better than you and showing it off. You’d be surprised at the people who “bully” others because of their weight because that same person be the one contradicting themselves all up in that person’s messages or Dm’s. I’m just saying.

Now as for the skinny ladies, you’d be surprised because “she ain’t got no butt,” of how much of a house and a home she eat you out of. Don’t get it twisted. We are all beautiful in our own different ways, and to be honest, it glows on us all, weight and all.


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