“The King Of R&B Debate”

Trying to keep up with what happens every second, I’ve been in to this “King of R&B” debate. I see Jacquees crowned himself the king which in my eyes it’s fine. See yes there are other artist who can say the same. Although some artist such as John Legend, Kehlani, Snoop Dogg, etc. The thing that stuck out to me the most was what Snoop Dogg said via Instagram which was “If you feel believe it, push it.” That’s the exact mindset to have during work, but if you claim up to something, now you gotta work twice as hard to keep that name and fame. Our generation today is different from before, you know because when you google “king of r&b,” R.kelly pops up. So there is a heavy debate on the topic.

Let’s say this here though, every R&b artist delivers different vibes such as sexual, “in your feelings”, and even a bit of dance so the spot can be up for debate. But, like Snoop basically said, if you want it, go get it, you know. Claim your thrown just make sure you keep others in tuned. I feel Jacquees is doing alright from touching the billboard with “B.E.D” at #69 in 2017 at your age to the hard work you’re doing now. Just recently touched #90 on the charts with “You”, keep pushing. Everyone’s gonna all have their own opinions but I think this goes in tuned with what Kevin Hart was saying about supporting one another on The Breakfast Club back in September. I’m saying we should show more positivity towards one another whether it be in the industry or in work period, push one another.

(Jessica Hunter)

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