Embracing Goodness In You All.

You know, everybody isn’t the same. Every situation isn’t the same. If you don’t learn to appreciate the surroundings around you, you will find yourself at a stage in life you might not want to be in. Life gives twists and turns, people and opportunities and it’s up to you to use them. How you present yourself means a lot. Focus on impressing yourself and not the next person for a bad reason.

If somebody down talks you, kill it with the act of silence, the act of kindness. Just because you don’t call someone out on something doesn’t mean you ain’t bold, it means you’re strong and mature enough to progress from the situation. I’ve experienced it, and in doing so I’ve met and worked with a lot of people. People that I didn’t even see myself working with or commenting on my work. Currently, I am trying to enforce the thought of these young children tryna be down. None of these children and young adults are built for a “gang”. You either end up injured, gone, or come home a completely different person. I’m telling you, everyone has potential to be something, this is OUR world. We all fought for a position on this earth and justice, so why not come together and show the world that we can love and support one another just so that we don’t continue to take from one another’s family.

You don’t think when you “sign up to be in a gang” that now it’s not just involving you. Because if you screw up or come for the wrong person, they may come for a family member or your own family member, I’ve heard of it to happen on the news. We’ve got soo much talent as people. Music, basketball, fashion, and when we all come together as one, it’s even better. Everybody wants to witness the events we have, but nobody wants to get shot. Sad to say, but we should not have to worry about the safety of our bodies and families as we walk this earth. Fighting for justice was already hard enough. Martin Luther King Jr., did not debate for this, yes Rosa Parks was tired, but we are all equal and should be treated just as the proper people we are. Supporting one another builds one another, obviously we all are tryna make it somewhere, that’s why I push so hard with this webpage and even during conversations.

I deeply enforce to anyone who is going through anything that you’re never alone. Though you may feel so, YOU will always be there for yourself. Once you learn to hold yourself accountable for your actions, life goes a lot smoother. At first I rushed being an adult, getting deeper into it I’m like okay now this too much. But then I realized, this is what I have to do, God put me here to help and embrace the greatness in others. He also placed me here to take care of myself when it came time and that’s what I do. On time to each event or appointment, paying for things on my own, contacting people and signing up for things on my own all became a part of being who I am. Though sometimes I find it hard, I never gave up.

I can’t tell you who and what to believe in because we all have feet, some have different sizes. Meaning I ain’t walk in ya shoes so you don’t know my story and vice versa. But I can tell you that there is a higher power, and the best advice I ever gave somebody was to love yourself more than anyone else and to pray. You’d be surprised at who cares and who supports your actions. There are people who support from a distance, and people who support near, who you choose to allow into your life is your business and no one can stop you. But be mindful of who you do. Some people are a good influence, others are a bad. Those you feel are a bad influence to you, you should embrace greatness into them or distance yourself. Usually I try to embrace greatness, but if I can’t, I happily let somebody else do so. You can’t please everybody, and you can’t help everyone, but maybe seeing someone else progress may influence you. Just a few thoughts lingering around my head since talking to a close friend.

( Jessica Hunter )

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