Livay’s Sweet Shop 3rd Annual Coat Drive

Back at it again for a third time, Our Favorite Cupcake lady has done an annual Kids Coat Drive for the Plainfield School System including Stillman, Clinton, Jefferson, Evergreen, Emerson, Barlow, Cook, Woodland, Washington, Maxon, Hubbard, and Kings Daughter Day Care to name a few!


Back in November, Our Favorite Cupcake Lady (Livay’s Sweet Shop) set up a two collection days for clean coats. It was an amazing success with 171 coats!

Ever since I first met Mrs.Stacey, she has always been about her business and the improvision of others. Being featured on last years Mycentraljersey for her kindful act of receiving 101 coats in donation back in December of 2017, and she just KEEPS going.

Blessed with the ability to meet her via her delicious sweet shop, I began to learn more about her and the type of person she is. A lot of people don’t think about others when they’re doing great, and sometimes when they’re not, but Our Favorite Cupcake Lady kept us all in mind all the time. This has been the topic of this weeks blogs, caring for and supporting one another; what a great way to do so! Thank you for keeping me updated with your greatness Mrs.Stacey, a blessing to meet you! See there are people who care, as I always say when I make it big I’d bring my supporters and those trying, why? Because it’s an equal opportunity, we all got mouths to feed, we all need clothes and shoes. I thank the many who feel the same way in caring about others and doing so, spreading wisdom. Now what’s the newest cupcake out?

( Jessica Hunter )

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