Ladies Love Bubsy !


I remember when I first heard Bubsy Millions-Depression, an instant download because I was able to relate to it so deeply. At one point in time I was in that position and was able to directly feel and connect to his music just as if I were he. That’s great music! Back with another Bubsy Millions has finally released “Bust It Open.

Ya’ll know in every song there is always a line that catches my attention or something I like the most shall we say. In this song he kinda threw the opposite at ya for a second by saying “She think I’m a dog and Imma chase the cat.” That’s what a lot of women think about men and that’s the main reason women keep their heart secluded which is not always the case. Pay attention to lyrics in every song, but if she’s at the strip club, she gon have to “Bust it open and through that booty back.” You see in my opinion, the song is dope because it connects with the southern vibes like Juicy J, Juvenile, T.I., etc., and it throws a twist at you that a lot of people wouldn’t catch. Now n days only half of our people are worried about the lyrics, and the other half are worried about how hype it gets you. That get hype music and seeing bodies is what grasp viewers now n days. The body is a beautiful sight. It makes money. Have you heard it? What you waiting for?

Bubsy Millions IG // Bubsy Millions Youtube // Bubsy Millions Spotify

( Jessica Hunter )

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