Keeping Those Toes Warm!

Every since meeting Mrs. Stacey, I’ve always picked up such a warm and welcoming vibe. Before becoming literaturebyjessc, I would always go make sure she had enough of my favorite cupcakes, while she and my mom would gossip. Then I became deeply interested in the feelings and mind of others after being in certain predicaments and feeling things for myself. I wanted to bring such a change and uprise towards our community and yours. For the third year in a row after a 3rd year successful coat drive, our favorite cupcake lady is now doing a Sock drive starting January 12 and 13th. So when you come on down to get your favorite cupcake, why not bring a fresh pair/pack of socks? Don’t know which one you want? Check this out.


Doing something good for others it’s such an amazing feeling. It’s indescribable, you just feel it in your chest, a feeling of greatness. It’s not ” You wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for me,” it’s “I thought about you with no intention of payback” Nobody is in competition with anyone, for what?

Livay’s Sweet Shop

104b, watchung ave, plainfield, nj

( Jessica Hunter )

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