Restricted Against Will ( RAW )


I always got open eyes and ears for talent especially when it comes to music. Y’all know I love constantly repeating somebody’s lyrics because I feel it or can relate to it so bad. ” Restricted Against Will,” was recently released by Raw Cruz and his whole vibe caught my ears.

One of the first songs I checked was “Hideaway” and instantly fell in love with the vibes. “If I ever fall in now, would you ever be my Hideaway?” One of the main lyrics that caught my ears because soon as things get tough for split second the one who you thought was going to be down comma doesn’t always end up being down. Straight out of the Bronx, Raw Cruz gave it to you exactly the way it should have been delivered, raw and uncut. I felt him when he spoke about being locked down with nothing on the commissary and constantly burying one another because it is what we are going to do now. Soon as you get locked up, things change people switch up on you, and sometimes leave, but not Raw Cruz, behind bars and out.

In personal discussion with Raw Cruz, he mentioned the view of doing what he’s doing to help pave the way for those who don’t believe it’s a way out of the ghetto. ANOTHER POSITIVE MOVEMENT, I love that energy. It’s also people who will talk down on you till you 6ft under, so what you do is you kill it with the acts of kindness and success just as I,  Raw Cruz, and many others are doing, get wit it.

(Jessica Hunter)


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