Bringing in The New Year Right!

So let me tell y’all what happened to me New Year’s Day. Back in my side of the town at the store for a quick second, I’m vibing, “Hey baby girl where you been?” Seen a homeless lady, gave her some money, “Yerdddd” at the horns being tooted. I mean I was really in a good mood, about to start the year off fresh and see my bro who take forever to get dressed and him have a likkle baad gyal.

Anyway me and my ride pulls up, I just knew I was about to hit bro with the “Come outside”. As I look up, I’m being told by a police officer to put my phone down. I look to the left and it’s two narcs and a cop car. I just knew it was about to be something. My driver has a few disabilities in which he tried explaining to the officer who told him “Shut the fu*k up you sound stupid”. As his disability is clearly shown the officer was more concerned of why an African American woman was seen with an Caucasian male. He had nerve to ask how I knew him, from where, how we communicate today, and how do we text, yet being so rude in the process. A badge gives Authority but does not dictate the respect that should be given comma we are all human.

After explaining the fact that I had a similar medical problem, yet not as bad, how I met him (through my cousin), and that this is not the first time something such has happened to him in this town because of being seen with African Americans. He said last time was worse. You should have heard the streets “look what they doing to our our people,” video recordings, and I was told that I was going to jail if I couldn’t get them to hush. With no probable cause to search the car “Any crack or Coke in this car?” And just went ahead and done so, you see the stereotypes here? We were both let go freely, my brother and his girl hopped in after watching and we carried on about our day. That was my first time cooperating with such a rude cop. I even tried to explain to the cop my driver’s condition asking to lighten his cuffs a bit and they thought I sounded stupid until you begin to see his hands swell.

Now, you guys can believe or think what you want from that story, but also understand and never forget who is, was, and will be there for you. Literaturebyjessc was a form of expression and escape from everything. As my personal life got a bit dark at the time and too medicated I didn’t understand it all not even my condition. But it is partially because of him that I can proudly say literaturebyjessc is something different. He was my ride and encouragement to my first open mic night. How you think I met American Writer Maria Mazziotti Gillan? He helped me to understand I have a gift to express to the world with a condition I shouldn’t let take over me.

I’m back, I’m better, and healthier. Never let medicine take over, stop, or define your life. Did you even know I had epilepsy? Yeah I can’t tell neither. I must have caught it in the air 3 years ago. I have a whole support system from all over the world even your family, you might as well join too. I speak Patois, Spanish, and can learn and translate the rest. Blessed Night.

( Jessica Hunter )

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