I’m disabled, Not incapable ‼️💜

I’ve been battling Epilepsy since age 19. At first I caught myself waking up in the middle of the night with a shirt drenched in sweat, next I caught myself hearing thousands of “Jessica” that I just couldn’t answer too. At that moment it was like anything triggered it, I cried, I seized, I stressed,... Continue Reading →

Interracial Bonds.

Racism is a commonly overlooked issue. Sometimes you don't notice these things until you are a part of these situation itself. As a victim of stereotypes, let me tell you how okay it is to be who you are. Friends and Family come from all different ethnicities, and situations. I love when people see me... Continue Reading →

I’m Backkkkkkkkk In A Different Hood Near You! CHECK THIS OUT.

So Literaturebyjessc was under construction for a while due to this whole moving process and let me tell you! Being an adult and living on your own is A LOT! You've literally gotta make sure you have all you need, and know your surroundings. I have successfully moved and I absolutely love it. I loved... Continue Reading →

Bringing in The New Year Right!

So let me tell y'all what happened to me New Year's Day. Back in my side of the town at the store for a quick second, I'm vibing, "Hey baby girl where you been?" Seen a homeless lady, gave her some money, "Yerdddd" at the horns being tooted. I mean I was really in a... Continue Reading →

Women Can Do That Too!!

Women are often looked upon differently in Today's world because of the jobs we carry. When you call a police officer or someone to come do work on your house, you typically look for a man instead of a woman to come to your assist. These are small, yet big stereotypes that we don't pay... Continue Reading →

The Concept Of Believing In Yourself.

As I come across friends and family, everyone has a story of where they've come from and what made them who they are today. I constantly urge everyone to believe in yourself no matter what. I've come across some talents that think somethings they produce isn't as dope as it is. What is a "no"... Continue Reading →

Beauty is Beauty.

When I'm out, all I hear is "That cut fit you so well," I didn't know a hair style had to fit everyone. Though I see where people are coming from, beauty is beauty. It comes in all shapes and sizes. I love natural beauty the most because it's who you are, nothing added to... Continue Reading →

You Are My Reflection.

I'd like to acknowledge a few ways of respect between you and your "partner" and your partner's respect for your family. As a partner, he/she should always support for you, you guys are a team, a reflection of one another. How he/she presents themselves to the public is how you look as well, same thing... Continue Reading →

Pride and Determination

Ofcourse social media tells all your business when you become famous but why are people shocked about the way love is connected between people? When I say that, I mean Love comes in all different ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. Once you hit that spotlight, there is all sorts of judgements going on about you and... Continue Reading →

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