My Thoughts On “Surviving R.Kelly”

In my eyes R.Kelly has always made great music. Although it was kinda explicit for me to be hearing at a young age, the young R&B era is where I came from. Now I wouldn’t fully speak upon this “Surviving R.Kelly,” but what made them produce this years later?

I watched the episodes played and discussed it with others. Kelly stated that he was molested at age seven to about fourteen. Typically when we don’t know how to express things to one another, we use our hobby, or something we are used to. Ever watch “Trapped In The Closet”? Although the scenario was different from the analyzation of the name, maybe he was trying to express himself then.

As I play R.Kelly from time to time, I hear people’s remarks and such, but at the same time if you pay attention to the show, each girl wanted fame at a point in time or to help him progress with what he was going through. “He used vulnerability to build trust.” Once he had you, it was a different story according to these girls. In these music videos it was all about their body. In this era, that should’ve been well considered especially within the family members. If you haven’t heard from your daughter in a month, where is the connection? I’m sending out a search warrant for my child and family.

Women are more liable to trouble in this world and entertainment because sex and the body sells. That’s all people wanted to see back then, now too. I’m not justifying anybody’s actions AT ALL because I know how it feels to not know what to do, but your life and health is more important than any piece of fame.

A lot of things said did make me question like when he was asked does he engage in teenage activity (not exact words), but he questioned the age of being a teenager, HUH?! A lot of controversy here, but deeply interesting because I have heard of him engaging in such actions before but brushed it off as rumors until this show started analyzing his music and song titles. When you’ve seen and been going through certain things at a young age, that’s all you know. What do you guys think?

Jessica Hunter )

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