Daily Thoughts

It’s a lot going on in Today’s world, you hear and see it through expressions of pictures, videos, and music. Nobody ever understands why YOU act the way you do because they haven’t walked in your shoes, it’s just a comparison most of the time.

When things get tough, you’d be surprised at who cares. It’s always talk about how friends just wanna be down, if it wasn’t for some of my friends, I wouldn’t have made it this far mentally, physically, and emotionally. And no, it’s not always about relationship issues, sometimes you just don’t know what you’re feeling and want somebody near, sometimes a friend can understand more than a family member. Generations have changed. A strict parent creates a sneaky child. Not having the correct bond with your parents can really do something to you. It’s always easier to talk to a friend because you can say exactly what you’re feeling where as a family member you might have to sugar coat things.

As children grow, parents forget that 18 is grown, but it’s not grown grown. Yes you are legalized, but still need help in instilling the path to success. Now 20 & up, that’s grown, and even then a child still needs their parent(s). You’d be surprised at what one may go through or be feeling. I know me, I’m an emotional person. I’m all about family and the friends I call my family as well! Just because you see others doing something, doesn’t mean it should influence you, and it shouldn’t make a parent think so.

When I call my mom “Mommy,” it’s a happiness thing. Rarely do I bring any form of sadness to her because it’s more understandable when popping lip to your friends or significant other. See when a parent hasn’t been around during certain times, they don’t understand why you act the way you do. Graduations, birthday parties, proms, and even success is something that you’d want your parents around to see, to feel, to make them proud. And in this generation, nobody’s doing anything to make themselves and parents proud, everybody’s tryna prove a point to one another and that’s how we end up loosing each other. You guys don’t pay attention?

There are people who care, I care, you wouldn’t even know how much I’ve been through because of the positive connection I have with everybody. I knew how it felt at a point in time to just be lost, and the only one who has control over that really is you, but I’ve got plenty of friends (family) who brought me back to light, like you! And for that, I thank you.

( Jessica Hunter )

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