“Playtime is Over”

I love when others express themselves because everybody has a story. It’s always nice to know why somebody acts the way they do, or maybe you may have a similar connection with that person and their story. I’ve finally been introduced to Bigga Breese thanks to Comma Gz, IT’S OUR YEAR‼️

Straight outta Brooklyn, NY, Bigga Breese dropped his mixtape “Playtime Is Over,” around Christmas as a gift to your ears and mine. In discussion with Bigga Breese, he acknowledged track #2 “Girls on me heavy Pt.2” to be his favorite song. He loves the melody, and his cousin (R.I.P)💙 loved the song. This pushed him harder, told you we each got a story, and I listened to part or Bigga Breese’s story through his favorite song.

I love the beat, I love the lyrics, why? Cuz I FELT IT! His flow is so back to back, it let’s you know he came to win. Ya’ll know I got a favorite lyric from everybody’s song. My manz said “I give her that good d*ck and then wait for some feedback.” LOL, here go ya feedback of just that line, DOPE‼️💯 She’s coming back regardless. I could tell ya’ll all about ’em, but so can Google Play, Apple Music, and Spotify. (Click all links, they all lead somewhere.)

(Jessica Hunter)

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