“Everybody Want Fame, Watch The Company You Keep.”

As of lately, I been on this thing where I wanna see everybody win, it’s not a competition. I feel as though coming at someone who is trying to uprise as well is just an insecurity thing. If YOU put the time and work in needed to get where you’re going, you’ll succeed.

I’m never gonna steer anybody wrong, If I feel as though your surroundings or something isn’t right, I’m gonna tell you. It’s not a jealousy thing, it’s because I know you can do so much better. You have to be open-minded to your surroundings and things you are focused on. First off, you’ll never need anybody more than you need God and yourself. People see your fame and try to use your for anything now and days. If you’re gonna “come-up” with others, make sure you’ve got something set to the side for yourself.

I continuously try to uplift others because ” All that glitters ain’t Gold.” I encourage people to work on their own because soon as things get hot, it’s a money issue, or your “team” becomes just you, and the part you played in the front now moves to the back. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times. Yeah “sign here, sign here, now I get paid for all your work too.” This is why I’m so proud of myself and the artist and talents discussed because we’ve done most of this on our own with the same mindset, support.

( Jessica Hunter )

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