Literaturebyjessc Stops By Livay’s Sweet Shop With Warmth.

What I do for this world, to me, is everything. I love the positive vibes given to and from “Literaturebyjessc“. You don’t know my story, when and were I can help, I will, and so will my mom. Livay’s Sweet Shop did her 3rd Annual Sock Drive this year as I’ve been telling you about which was VERY successful! Plainfield is not all about violence, we care for one another, you’d be surprised. Look at how successful things turned out thus far:

It’s amazing to see the kind ideas one can come up with. In all cases it only takes one person to lead for the rest to follow. Ms. Stacey we thank you in all that you do for this community ( coat drives, sock drives, and soon feminine tissues drive ). It’s the little things that matter, you warmed my day just by the expression on your face seeing me walk in.

You know we had to grab a cupcake or 8 via my mom. Cookies and cream is my favorite, and how sweet and special of Ms.Stacey to remember our order even though we are constant visitors, any kind of cake pop, cake, or cupcake you’d like to try, I definitely recommend Livay’s Sweet Shop. Not just because of the positivity, but you can taste the home cooked feeling in these cakes. Ms.Stacey thank you for believing in me and working with me, I look forward to the rest of the year and many more to come. Blessings!

( Jessica Hunter )

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