Learning and Experimenting

Being a blogger and vlogger, you see and experience a lot of new things, even the little things that you may not have thought would’ve been so impressive. The things I’ve seen thus far and people I’ve met and worked with have been a blessing, who would’ve thought? Anyways last week I was out and about and somehow ended up downtown Somerville, NJ.

I look at things from every aspect. In this case, I just so happened to be examining the different types of communication levels between one another, and what was actually around me. I grabbed a coffee and thought to myself, why not do something rare. Veterans matter too, you know how many veteran statues and memoriams get walked right passed? They aren’t neccessarily shown the love or respect that they should receive. I somehow ended up near statues dedicated to Somerset County Veterans. Very nice and all, but tell ones story and the greatness they’ve done for us. It’s cool, I took a picture with the statue for my generation and those to come, so that I can do research on the time back then.

Growing up, history was never my favorite subject, with good grades, maybe I shoulda paid more attention in class, or maybe it was the way the teachers presented things. Off topic, but one of my history teachers actually made things interesting by having a game or sort in connection with each thing we learned. When we learned about the different cultures from way back when, we actually got to taste the foods they used to eat. Probably the best history teacher I might’ve had. Although I enjoy hands on activity better than reading and writing, I will dig more into history because it’s actually kind of interesting to see where we came from.

( Jessica Hunter )

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