Government Shut down



Generally speaking, this world has always had racial issues against one another, many between Caucasians and African-American. Whether it be seen together, or one seen the other, there is always a saying, stereotype, or dispute.

Now every since Trump became the 45th President of America, there has been all sorts of disputes referring to the fact that Trump does not care for the American society as a whole (favoritism). Now, you’re willing to spend “5.7 billion dollars” according to CNN on an immigration wall. Now, this wall will be used to block immigration, but what about what’s going on with us Americans currently? Those who are homeless, those who prostitute to survive, drugs, drug addicts, medicines, and alcoholics? What does shutting down the government really do, honestly? It gives most the idea of not wanting to work because it feels like slavery as most say.

First trump deducted pay from EBT back in October, now it’s paused. People have children, disabilities, and lives to live, it’s really sad. I recently watched in Newark, NJ where a homeless shelter was shut down and people were left homeless, yet spend 5.7 billion dollars on a wall? In my opinion, if you haven’t noticed, an immigrant will find their way into the United States irregardless, and how it’s handled is crazy. It’s people with expired/no visa’s still walking these streets and they ain’t being bothered or bothering no one, but what has he done?

As taught back in Highschool history, America is where everyone comes to find work and money, because every Country’s Currency and living arrangements are different. I just feel as though he shut the government down without analyzing every aspect.

( Jessica Hunter )

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