I’m Backkkkkkkkk In A Different Hood Near You! CHECK THIS OUT.

So Literaturebyjessc was under construction for a while due to this whole moving process and let me tell you! Being an adult and living on your own is A LOT! You’ve literally gotta make sure you have all you need, and know your surroundings. I have successfully moved and I absolutely love it. I loved watching myself grow as I did groceries, cleaning, laundry, etc., you really learn a lot about yourself.

In returning home one late night after running errands and visiting friends, I thought I was slick taking the cheaper route and ended up missing my stop. Now everyone always complains of how police officers over use their authority, etc. I seen an officer and asked for directions, and he gave me a ride home. Although I was only 4 minutes away, he did it and looked for nothing in return. I will say riding in the back of a cop car is pretty uncomfortable, especially when it’s something you’ve never done before, but not every blue uniform is mean.

I’m learning a lot about living on my own. I looked in the mirror today and was very pleased with who I saw. Why? Because I was focused on the more important things in life first, learning how to budget. And then worried about nails, hair, etc., I still look good though. It’s such a GREAT feeling to know you did it on your own!!

( Jessica Hunter )

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