Don Q Said It Best.

Where Tory Lanez came up with the mentality that he can actually rap is insane. Once you publicly announce that “You are the best rapper alive right now, and will body any of ya’ll niggas out period,” you’re sending shots to every rapper, so expect for EVERYBODY to touch base on the statement. When I 1st seen that tweet it threw me all the way off because last I checked, “You gon’ have to do more than just SAY IT” *Tory Lanez voice* was singing.

Now, I’m not knocking Tory Lanez because that was my song, but boiiiiiiii did yall hear that Don Q diss ? Here it go: ( click link ). It was like 106 and Park’s Freestyle Friday except it was no purpose of Tory Lanez tryna bite back. Although sometimes in the music industry “beef” is the best way to grasp ears, that one was not for him. “DON’T” *Bryson tiller voice*.

Rapping is definitely a hard emotion. Don Q came hard, he came to win. My manz said ” You had a 9-5 before ya deal came.” The flow was so back to back, he already had him in his hands being as though he’s experienced that lifestyle of rapping. “Stop asking for help, and start rapping yourself,” It sent chills through my body. I hadn’t even heard Tory Lanez rap and I chose not to because that’s not his vibe. We all can eat without messing with one another’s plate. Now you put yourself in that predicament.

( Jessica Hunter )

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