As I walked through North Plainfield last week, I seen signs in people’s windows not realizing that they were actually teachers. “No contract, Still working, Always caring.” This touched my heart in so many ways because this actually shows that irregardless to a situation, teachers care about their students. I mean think about it, teachers create such a strong bond with their students that even after students graduate, they still find a way to visit their teachers or add them on facebook.

In talking to one of my favorite teachers, we discussed how inflation has undercut Teacher’s pay. Do you know how hard it can be to deal with children who don’t want to listen or find different ways to instill knowledge in one’s head many different ways until they understand? Yes, teachers care! They are not slaves of the board of education. This goes for all teachers around as well.

As the years go by, we have more students per classroom than teachers as a whole, completely unfair to one who has worked so hard for their degree. I care, North Plainfield, NJ teachers care, the world cares, and I thank them each for not giving up on me, even though it’s about our children and teachers today. My favorite history teacher, thank-you for all support, truly appreciated.

( Jessica Hunter )

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