“If You Don’t Stand For Something, You’ll Fall For Everything.”

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for everything.”

In being who you are, if you don’t defend yourself, you’ll fall for anything. People will walk all over you, life will walk all over you.

I abide by this statement in everything I do in life. Staying on top of things could be one the most hardest things anyone has to do. Depending on your lifestyle, you’ve got work, bills, dinner, if/or medicine. It can seem as though life is moving too fast because every time you turn around, there is something else being thrown at you. Continuing to push forward is all you have to do.

I worked hard for the name “Literaturebyjessc,” no one calls me my name anymore. In order to keep that name, which I think is sticking to me well, you’ve got to keep everyone’s attention grasped your way. In doing so, I’m well-known for the promotion of positive vibes. All you’ve got to do is keep spreading it, keep believing in it and yourself. Literaturebyjessc is my everything, If I don’t stand up for that name, I’m missing bread out my pockets.

Alcoholics and Drug addicts sometimes feel as though they’ve got nobody or nothing to stand up for themselves and often end up turning to the streets. If you don’t stand for or believe in yourself, you’ll end up loosing yourself to these things. As an alcoholic or drug addict, if you have someone who is willing to accept you in the condition that you are in, somebody cares. The same person who handed you that dollar, smiled at you, or snatched those drugs and alcohol away from you is the same person/people you should thank today. I wish I could take all of those who are in that situation out, but you can’t change the world unless you change yourself.


( Jessica Hunter )

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