Swavvy Dom Has Made Some Changes.

Swavvy Dom has made some Changes and progression forward not only because “When I was dead broke, they was dying to get rid of me, but because she’s back and she’s better, *Bryson Tiller voice*.

Ya’ll remember back when I told ya’ll about her HERE. Holding Newark down with the ambition to not only better herself and community, but she’s taking it as far as music videos and all to let you know she’s serious. And me? I’m here to make sure she’s heard. It takes for someone who really cares about their music to want to expand, and she ain’t stoppin’ there. Back at it again with “Say My Name,” #1 I loved the thought of bringing back old school instrumentals into use, why? Because I’m a fan of 90’s R&B. It has more meaning than the “drill beats” today. 90’s R&B was felt more than anything, and not just 90’s music, but old school music in general.

Say My Name” had me like oweeeeee because I felt everything she said without fully knowing her predicament. Now usually I have a favorite lyric or verse from everybody’s song, but the verses was so on point against the beat that every lyric hit in the right spot. Blessings like Haji always open my eyes to greatness, and thankfully she’s delivered another positive vibe. She’s added more greatness to the positive team that we are. The way she pushed me, she pushes Swavvy the same way she’s pushed me. If you want it GO GET IT, speak it into existence. Swavvy it’s ya turn baby!

( Jessica Hunter )

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