Boog Just Keep On Levitating 🔥

Boog Jefferson, s/o to him man. He never fails to amaze me, he’s so open-minded to areas of expansion and improvement. Not only does he go this hard for himself, but for others that he sees talent in or has worked with.

Attending Friday’s “Big Mood Talk” album release party, the vibes was so amazing because of the amount of support he received, and the idea that it wasn’t just about himself. He supported other upcoming artist, giving them a chance to become more exposed by other cities and people, and he also heavily supported his manager who had a birthday. Happy Birthday! I love the bond between him and his manager because they both were constantly in contact as far as the party set-up and the way things were supposed to go, so you can tell they meant business.

Boog has got so many open ideas, and upcoming projects which is completely amazing, I’m proud of him. In giving other artist the energy to perform, the energy given to him when he hit the stage was completely amazing. Everyone had phones and lights out, I’m truly proud of the person he has become, and the positivity he showed towards other artist, and this mic game, even when it gets hectic.

( Jessica Hunter )

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