Today’s Views

So there is this guy that I see each day with the same sad look on his face and the same sad walk. We’ve all experienced someone or something like that before.

Now today, I just so happened to grab a slice of pizza before running errands, and here he goes walking in. As I’m eating my pizza, he’s drinking tea in a pizzeria. Maybe that’s all he wanted, but my heart-felt something else. “Excuse me,” I pardoned, “Would you like a slice of pizza?” The way he said “Sure” I could just tell something wasn’t right, and I gave him the money to do so. He didn’t look like an addict or anything, those you can tell. But he looked more so of in need of positivity, and as I exited the store, he thanked me with eyes I’ll never forget.

I’ve been told I have to much of a big heart, but that’s because I’ve been in similar positions before. Nobody’s gonna change my heart, but God, and just because my life changed for the better does not mean to act all bad and boujee.

( Jessica Hunter )

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