Social Media vs You

We rely too much to show off and explain who we are in negative ways via social media. It’s sad because with all the platforms given, social media could  be used to spread positivity, but ofcourse each day we wake, no news is perfect.

Pay attention to the fact that “followers” and “statuses” do not depict who you are and what you are capable of in every way. I’ve met talents on social media that you didn’t even hear off because you’re using social media for different reasons and people tend to hide because they feel as though they don’t fit in. From what I grasp, people (including myself) often post things for attention. But is it the right attention you are receiving/looking for?

People use social media to gain clout off the wrong things. This was started to connect with friends and family members of long distances of whom we don’t see often with different electronics. Social media was set to connect us to the world and what’s going on yet some maturity levels often abuse these things. Remember when we had to go and visit one another instead of commenting on and liking photos and statuses? Remember “where you at, the whole city behind us?” Look how advanced we are today and how we abuse it, look at how it has taken over our lives. Think smart and stay out the way.

( Jessica Hunter )

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